A tip to recruiters

June 2, 2008

Just received this phone call from a recruiter:

Me: Hello, this is Brian.

Recruiter: Is this Matthew? At 407-XXX-XXXX?

Me: No, you have the wrong number.

Recruiter: Wow, who the fuck did I call....let me call you back.

Two minutes goes by, phone rings again.

Me: Hello?

Recruiter: Hi Brian I know I just called you two minutes ago...

Me: Yeah, you're the recruiter who said "fuck" to me a minute ago.

Recruiter: HA HA HA HA!...I know...HA HA.

And scene.

Tip number 1: Although I have no issue with the word "fuck" you're representing whatever company you work for buddy. I wouldn't recommend using "fuck" when calling someone you've never called before. If we talked for a couple minutes and I used it, maybe you can. But for the sake of business professionalism try to stay away from the word.

Tip number 2: You pretty much let on that you've got a list of people you're calling and just running down the list. Please don't. I know you think of us all as cattle, but for the love of god, make it seem like I'm the only one you've called. Make me believe that I truthfully am the only one capable of doing the job you want to hook me up with. Don't prove to me that all you've done is searched for "PHP" and "Florida" into Monster and you're just trawling the waters for a fish to bite.

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