Brain Scan Studios to publish Fiendish Fables

November 15, 2006
Brain Scan Studios proudly presents Fiendish Fables, a new horror filled anthology from the mind of John Schlim Jr. and friends. A collection of creepy short stories inspired by the classic horror comics that defined the genre! Marauding zombie kids, a bloodthirsty vampire horse, vengeance-seeking storybook creatures, a wild west monster, the debut of "Goth Ghost Girl," a ghastly gallery, and much more. Cover created by David Wachter. Fiendish Fables has 48 pages of amazing art and writing for $3.50! It will be available for order in the January "Previews" and will be released in March 2007. For more information please visit the official Fiendish Fables website. Also be sure to add Fiendish Fables to your MySpace friend's list!

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