Brain Scan Studios to publish Revolution of the Mask

September 27, 2008

Boston, MA Sept 27, 2008 - Brain Scan Studios proudly presents Revolution of the Mask, an exciting 12 issue maxi-series that returns superheroes to a unrecognizable Earth that discarded individuality.

After a Final War that decimated the planet, Earth's population now exists as 'The All.' Individuality is irrelevant and everyone belongs to everyone else. However, a revolution is coming - not of murder and mayhem, but of capes and costumes. This is the Revolution of the Mask. This issue: Designation Gamma-117 knows there's something wrong with the world, but only someone Wonderful can tell him what it is.

Revolution of the Mask will be available in e-book format on Oct 1st. Visit the Brain Scan Studios website for more information.

Brain Scan Studios is an alternative media company based out of Boston, MA that publishes a variety of blogs and creator-owned comics.

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