Brain Scan Studios to publish Serial

July 2, 2008

Orlando, FL July 1, 2008 - Brain Scan Studios proudly presents Serial, a new monthly anthology series spotlighting famous, infamous and virtually unknown real serial killers. Laid out and reminiscent classic horror anthologies of the 50s, each issue features a 10-page main story, 6-page back up story and a 4-page spotlight story. The inaugural issue features John Wayne Gacy, Angel Resendiz and Albert Fish.

Featuring the creative team of David Hayes, Kurt Belcher, Kevin Moyers and many more, Serial #1 is 24 pages of truly terrifying serial killer tales. It will be available July 2nd in e-book format, visit the Brain Scan Studios website for more information. Mature readers.

Brain Scan Studios is an alternative media company based out of Orlando, FL that publishes a variety of blogs and creator-owned comics.

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