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November 5, 2007
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Guitar Hero is one of those video games I had heard of, but swore I'd never get into because the thought of "playing" guitar via a video game was just so wrong. Then we downloaded the demo for GH3. Boy was I wrong. GH3 is one of those games that's surprisingly addicting, plus it's seems to have little "frustration" factor. Some folks I know try Halo or other games and generally give up after a couple of minutes because they simply "don't get it". GH3 doesn't seem to suffer from that problem, people pick up the guitar controller, and instead of getting frustrated they want to try again. I know for me, the game is as close as I imagine I'll get to playing "Knights of Cydonia" to thousands of screaming fans. The game is fairly solid with decent graphics (although while playing they could have kittens playing in the background, you'll never notice), and after beating the game it has a fair amount of re-playability as a "party game". I think the only thing that's missing from the game is the ability to add mp3's from my own collection to play with. I don't imagine that'll ever happen sadly, because Activision will never be able to sell game packs to extend the game. In fact they'd probably never be able to sell additional versions of Guitar Hero if I could just load up music until the end of time. I found this video of someone playing the last boss (Lou) on expert mode. It blows my mind.

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