Fiendish Fables Review

August 27, 2007
Ryan Brandt has a whole lot of kind words for Fiendish Fables.
First off, I want to congratulate John on a beautiful looking book. Really leaped out of all the other Dial R books at San Diego and comes off truly as a professional book. I will say that reading the book, I think Fiendish Fables ended up being a much better title than Whisper/Scream because most of the stories came off as being fables (since a whole lot of 'true' fables were very dark, had some sort of 'meaning' to the story or comeuppance happen) and they definitely were fiendish to say the least. I'll go on record as saying that I enjoyed the book a lot and it is worth the price. It's not flawless (I'll get to that in a second) but it really showcases John's talent and why he's been able to get most of the deals he's gotten with Arcana and other places. It's because John is just that dang good.
We think John's that dang good too.

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