Honeymoon: Flight Home

May 13, 2004
Not too much can be said about the flight home. I do enjoy Frontier Airlines, my only gripe is from San Fran to Denver still no satellite TV in the old Boeing planes. The flight though from Denver to Orlando was in a brand spanking new Airbus. It still had new car smell (plane smell?). One thing I can now laugh about, was running into some bad weather when we hit Florida's panhandle. There was a pretty large cold front crossing the southern US when we were flying home, so I expected a little bit of rough weather. Surprisingly though, there wasn't all that much until we neared Florida. Then we saw it. You could actually see the front from our window, it was pretty cloudless throughout the flight, but when we hit the back of the front (back of the front?) it was just a wall of clouds. And when we hit it, the plane did a dipsy-do. It dropped and shimmied left-to-right. Not enjoyable. You know when you're in a plane, and something like some really rough weather hits, and it sort of calms down and everyone in the plane is really quiet, maybe laughing nervously to cover up the terror? It was sort of like that. But we survived. And that's all that matters.

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