Keeping my tabs together

July 21, 2008

I love to travel. If I could get my act together and figure out how to make it my career I would travel the world, rambling about the latest wine I drank or the amazing fjord I'd just seen. Since I haven't yet acted out my perma-traveling aspirations I generally travel on my own dollar, and since I'm a snobby brat I have a tendency to picked "fancier" hotels. And the thing that connects those fancy-schmancy hotels? You always have to pay for internet, they figure you love sleeping on Egyptian cotton so plunking down some dough to check your stocks isn't going to affect your bottom line. I'm ok with that.

Now that I've become a tab addict in Firefox, I have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" set in my Firefox start settings. Which means my 30+ "file until later" tabs always greet me when I open up Firefox. So nothing sucks worse than having all my tabs open up to a gateway page for the hotel I'm staying in asking for some dough for the internet. So how does one fix this? It's idiotically simple, I just pop open Safari (for you Windows folks open...Internet Explorer...shudder) and deal with the gateway page. Easy peasy.

No really, thats it. I wish it was more advanced, but it's not.

Stop looking at me like that. Go surf the web on your hotel internets.

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