New Urban Cowboy Trailer

September 27, 2007
After visiting Chicago for a week, I've learned to appreciate the urban lifestyle. Having the ability to walk, grab a cab or take a train to anything you desire allows you to experience everything about a city instead of zipping through it in a car. I've quickly learned to hate the suburbs, where I currently live. It's almost like living rurally, with next to nothing of real interest closer than a 20 minute car ride. I get a feeling from the trailer of "New Urban Cowboy" that artist Michael E. Arth dislikes the suburban lifestyle as well, he decides to revitalize an urban area instead of building into the wilderness like so many of the builders in Florida like to do. The film is showing at the Global Peace Festival this Saturday, sadly I'll be out of town but it's something I'll definitely pick up when it hits DVD (preferably Blu-Ray).

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