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July 29, 2006
Civil Wardrobe is now available for preorder through August's Previews! Tell your favorite comic book retailer to use Diamond Order Number AUG063143. About Civil Wardrobe By Rich Johnston, Kaare Andrews, Ashley Wood, Darick Robertson and more THE DESIGN SENSE OF THE UNIVERSE IS CHANGING AND IT'S TIME TO DECIDE: WHOSE SIDE DO YOU DRESS ON? Rich Johnston, star of CSI: Dying In The Gutters, and gossip monger extraordinaire has assembled an awesome army of artists (Kaare Andrews, Ashley Wood, Darick Robertson, Ilya, Fred Hembeck, Billy Dallas Patton, Mike Netzer, Lea Hernandez, Frazer Irving, Natalie Sandalls, Sam Hart, Thomas Mauer and more) to portray a changing universe in conflict. As The Old Fanboy Warriors die in an explosion and the battle over the Deconstruction Act begins, so some very familiar figures are redesigned, revamped and reconstructed, from Spider-Mart to Osama Bin Hulk. Joe Quesada has officially not objected to the publication of this one shot. And there is no Mike Turner variant cover. Sorry. Retailers! Contact us to receive free promotional swag!

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