Review of the Grand Canyon Skywalk

April 25, 2007
First they bussed us out to the site. It didn't quite match the pictures I'd seen of it. It was more like a construction site with a huge piece of I-Beam sticking over the edge. Almost nothing was paved, so when the wind came up, it created small dust storms that made it difficult to be outside. We entered the "Visitor's Center" (a temporary building that smelled strongly of wood varnish) to learn that no cameras were allowed out on the actual skywalk. At best, you could walk to the door of the building, a couple hundred feet away, and take a shot from there. Then you'd have to check your camera in with security. They told us it was because "people were dropping their cameras and cracking the glass" and they did not want to be liable "if someone dropped their camera over the edge".
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