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February 24, 2009
Watchmensch fever has struck the internet, reviews are starting to pop-up here and there. We've had reviews from the good folks at i09, New Breed of Nerd and Slashfilm. Occasional Superheroine also had some very kind words:
Watchmensch is important supplementary material to both the Watchmen graphic novel and film that fans and media alike should read. Because the comic book provides, in a highly fanciful and irreverent way, interesting (though subjective) background information on the movie event of the Spring.
Lewis Lovhaug's Revolution of the Mask is also building steam, blowshimselfupdude had nothing but kind words in his audio/video review of issue #1. Watchmensch will be available in comic book shops in mid-March, Revolution of the Mask is available now in PDF and CBR format at Lulu, Wowio and

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