The appeal of a blue screen of death on a Mac

April 6, 2006
From the BBC: "Apple moves to widen Mac appeal Boot Camp, a new utility released by Apple, makes it easy for anybody to install Windows XP on to a new Mac. It will not work on the older G5 and G4 Macs, but it opens a whole new world of compatibility to anybody with a Mac running one of the new Intel processors. It is a bold move by Apple that has taken everybody by surprise, although looking back, the signs were there that it was going to happen ever since Apple announced the switch to Intel processors last June. " Read the full article. Get Apple's Boot Camp. Personally I'm kind of up in the air about this. As an Apple shareholder seeing the stock jump 9% just because they released some free software is always nice, but to me it's sort of like a "niche" release. What we're talking about here is people purchasing a Mac and then purchasing WindowsXP in order to get the pleasure of dual booting. Will the average PC user even understand what this means? And how to do this? This is definetely the best way to get folks who are on the fence about switching to switch, they have really nothing to lose now.

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