The move to Google Reader

April 27, 2007
Well I've finally done it, I migrated away from my favorite RSS reader Pulp Fiction. I decided to give Google Reader a whirl for a week to see how I liked it, and boy howdy do I like it. It's not because it's all "flashy" and "blinky", it's simple, clean and easy and worked pretty much like Pulp Fiction worked. Now why the move? Well it follows along with my firm belief that the future of computing is that the software you'll be using everyday will be nearly all on the internet. With this (albeit small) move, it's one less piece of software for me to worry about when(if) A. I move to another computer B. My hard drive crashes causing me to reinstall everything. On top of it all I can export all my subscriptions easily to OPML so if something should happen to Google (they turn evil, I get sick of them, etc) I can easily move someplace else.

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