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April 18, 2009
Welcome New Visitors! You can imagine my shock when I checked out Google Analytics and saw my traffic for yesterday. Much thanks to Marginal Revolution for linking to my rant about the post office. For those of you interested in learning a little bit more about me, you can check out my resume. I'm also owner of Brain Scan Studios, a book publishing company (mostly geared towords comics and graphic novels). You can follow my rants on twitter, subscribe to my rss feed and check out my Amazon store which is filled with books that I think the world should check out. Our latest book, Watchmensch is currently out in comic book stores or available at Amazon.

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I'm a developer at GitHub. Follow me on Twitter; you'll enjoy my tweets. I take care to carefully craft each one. Or at least aim to make you giggle. Or offended. One of those two— I haven't decided which yet.